21 Days of Prayer and Fasting


Banner Church is founded on the belief that prayer is powerful. That is why we are starting this new year with an intentional time of prayer and fasting for 21 days. In 2018 we are boldly praying and seeking God for breakthrough  in every persons life and in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The Lord has called this church to raise the banner of Jesus Christ over every person and every nation. He is calling all nations unto himself (Isaiah 11:10). We invite you to join with us in praying that God would use this church to see breakthrough in the whole world.

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Can I do this? Is this really for me?


Our heart’s desire is that every person would not only know God, but be known by him as well. Prayer and fasting are powerful tools for you to encounter a deeper relationship and presence of the living God. It is a physical way of declaring “More of you and less of me.” If you sense God has more for your life, 21 Days of Prayer is a great place to start believing Him for all that He has for you. As you practice seeking Him first, He will move on your behalf like never before. You will start to see the power of prayer impact your relationships, work, family, and every area of your life. Whether you join us in person or online, we would love for you to be part of 21 Days of Prayer.

The fantastic thing about this 21 day journey is that you are not alone. You will be surrounded by a great community of believers who are also seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting.

When is it?

Starts: Sunday, January 7th

Ends: Sunday, January 28th

Banner Church will be open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 12pm for anyone who would like a place for prayer and reflection.

At the end of the 21 Days there will be a night of prayer and worship at Banner Church. January 28th at 5:00pm.


What is Fasting?

Fasting, in its most classic sense, means voluntarily abstaining for eating or drinking for an extended period of time. When we partake of a fast it helps us examine what we are consuming in terms of social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional "food." Are these things distracting you from your relationship with God? Are you relying on things that have nothing to do with God to get you through your day? Fasting can be helpful in examining these things. A true fast functions as a great discipline of seeking God first rather than relying on things of the flesh. In fasting we choose to put our human desires in to submission so that we might seek a deeper communion with God in his presence. Seek God and ask him if there is anything you are consuming that he would ask you to fast for these 21 days. Is it food? Is it media?

Everyone doing an extended physical fast should consult a physician first. If you have medical issues, consider fasting something like TV or media. The point is that there is something God wants you to separate yourself from for three weeks so that you can see Him more clearly. Don’t cheat yourself by removing yourself from the fast entirely.

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The Goal of Fasting

The goal of fasting is a personal encounter with the Living God. There are physical benefits from fasting, such as a cleansing of your body or breaking of addictions, but the primary goal of fasting is experience God. So much of our life is about us, what we want, and when we want it. What would happen if we submitted ourselves and our needs, and in turn sought God with passion and fervor? What kind of breakthrough might we see?

“Be ye holy, for I am holy.”
— 1 Peter 1:16
“He must increase and [we] must decrease.”
— John 3:30

Fasting in the Bible

  • Repentance - Jonah 3:5, Daniel 6:18
  • Ministry preparation - Matthew 4:2
  • Spiritual power - Mark 9:29
  • Ministry commissioning - Acts 14:23
  • Set aside self for holiness - 1 Corinthians 7:5
  • Spiritual discipline - 1 Corinthians 11:24-28 (Paul “fasted often”)
  • Special revelation - Exodus 34:27-28
  • In times of war - Judges 20:26
  • Courage and wisdom - Esther 4:3,16
  • In times of grief - Nehemiah 1:4, 2 Samuel 1:12, Samuel 31:13, 1 Chronicles 10:12
  • Spiritual recuperation - 1 Kings 19:1-9
  • Mourning - Daniel 10:1-3

There is more than one kind of fast. We encourage everyone to take time and ask God what the best fast for them will be. We would encourage every person to do something that stretches you personally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. At the same time, because there are so many options, anyone should be able to fast something for these 21 days. Don't miss out on what God is doing in this season.


Types of Fasts:

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Complete Fast

Drinking only liquids, typically water and/or light juices.

Broth or soup may be included as options.

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Selective Fast

Removing certain elements from your diet

Daniel Fast (the most widely practiced selective fast) - abstaining from meat, sweets, or bread; drink water and juice, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Partial Fast or Jewish Fast

Abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon.

Or fasting during specific times of the day. For example: 6am-3pm, or from sunup to sundown.


Soul Fast

This is a common fast for anyone new to fasting, those with medical/health issues that would prevent them from fasting, and those looking to specifically address an area of their life out of balance.

Suggestions: social media, television, shopping, etc.

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Prayer & Fasting Guide

Same info as on the site but in a printable form.