A maxim is a brief statement of a practical truth, especially one that serves as a rule of conduct or a precept.  The biblical sense of the word is a proverb.  

    Every successful organization highlights a code of ethics or conduct that provides a catalyst for its culture and ensures the organization’s ability to fulfill its purpose.

    I would call this the “maxim statement.”  It should precede the mission and vision statement in importance.  The maxim statement is foundational; it’s the only foundation that provides stability and lasting fulfillment in the human experience.

    Simply put, the maxim for our life is the truth of God’s word, absolute truth, not mixed with human concepts or opinions.  Many brilliant minds have proposed that absolute truth is nonexistent; I would counter with the question:  “Is that an absolute statement?”

    Proverbs 23:23 presents a maxim code that is priceless: “Buy truth and never sell it…”  As we are surrounded by counter culture enthusiasts, we must be cautious not to sell out our biblical maxims for political and cultural acceptance.

    HIS acceptance is all I need.  HIS truth will free my soul.  

    I would deem this “maxim” potential for everyone who desires real, absolute, and eternal truth.