Churchplace is now Banner Church

          We love this town, this church, and the mission that Jesus has called us to. That is why we are so excited to be pioneering in this new season together. God has so clearly called our church into the heart of Scottsdale, and at the same time he is constantly opening doors all around the world. As we look across the horizon at this new season we are so excited because all God has done and all he will continue to do. We believe that God has uniquely called this church to raise a banner of hope and love in Scottsdale, the greater Phoenix area, and the entire world.

           For that reason we need a name that will be effective in our local community, and the global community. We have always said that this church exists to be in the marketplace, and so it must also have a name that can be in the marketplace in Scottsdale and all around the world. After a season of prayer and fasting we know that God has led this church to the name Banner Church.

The word “banner” really means “Jesus.” It comes from the promise to Israel found in Isaiah.

“In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him, and his resting place will be glorious.” Isaiah 11:10

            This promise is fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ who said in John 12:32 that when he was lifted up all people would be drawn to him. As a church we believe that Jesus is calling all people from all nations unto himself, and our desire is to be a part of sharing that gospel.

           We are the same church of friendly and caring individuals who love to worship the Lord. We still hold to our mission to love, disciple, and send. We also hold firm to our newly established core values of missional, accessible, relational, transformational, and honorable. We are a church of multiple generations, demographics, and people groups. We are still a church of dynamic praise and worship. We are still a church that loves kids ministry and supports the raising up of future generations. We are still a church of authentic relationships. Now we have a name that stands as a banner over all the diverse elements of our church.

So what is happening to the name Churchplace?

            This church has a history and strong future of missions all across the world. For this reason we are launching the Churchplace Initiative. The Churchplace Initiative is the global missions and church planting focus of Banner Church. We believe that God has called us to plant a church in every place where he opens a door. The mission of this initiative is to strategically and intentionally raise the banner of Jesus Christ all around the world through church planting and global missions. We are now using the name Churchplace towards its fullest potential.

            We are so excited about this new season ahead. God has been so faithful, and continues to be faithful. We are so grateful to be pioneering with this church community.


Onward we go.